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Who I am


Handsome, debonair, witty, fit, athletic, well groomed.  These are just some of the things never used to describe me.  I am however vaguely human and have only a few bad habits.  Luckily I am dry and have most of my own teeth.  Luckily I am retired now and being dry is no longer a pre-requisite.



I used to be a senior project manager, which meant I did little and asked others to do a lot.


I am the vice chairman of a woodturning club, this means I still do little and watch others do a lot.


I do a bit of cooking, do a little dance, make a little love and get down tonight.


Why I do this


Boredom.  When I was working I had a full and rewarding work life and enjoyed the people I worked with.  Now I am without the daily toil I make my own fun and have re-discovered biking (the sort with an engine). I watch a little cricket (Somerset Country Cricket Club) and with my woodturning hobby I make many shavings, many many shavings, but in the evening I would prefer not to just watch TV - and when the evenings are dark and cold it is not as pleasant as it could be standing in front of a lathe in the garage.


As explained on the opening page - to begin with, this is a way of turning my irregular club emails into some sort of blog.  Quite how they will appear has yet to be seen, let's see what a mess I can make of them shall we.


What I can do for you


Not a lot, cure insomnia perhaps, raise a small smile from time to time, insert a few links to web-sites I enjoy occasionally. 


Perhaps you could tell me, this is all new to me so it is a step into the unknown for both of us.  We can learn how good or bad I am together.


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